Friday, September 5, 2008

Toronto Film Festival 2008

I may not be covering it this year (I'm at college, after all), but I can relay buzz on the films playing each day. This will happen the day after the films show.

The Festival began yesterday, September 4 (and plays through the 13th), with the highly publicized Passchendaele, the Canadian war film that has been called the next Saving Private Ryan. The buzz says otherwise. James Berardinelli, that wise and great writer of ReelViews, said that the performances are "unremarkable," the romance "perfunctory," and that, while the movie looked good, it was utterly average.

Passchendaele follows two brothers who go to WWI, one brother helping his asthmatic sibling. It then turns into a romantic triangle.

Watch the trailer here.

Until tomorrow, with four more movies to cover...

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