Sunday, November 30, 2008

Reviews coming...I think:

I watched five notable films over the five-day Thanksgiving break. I already reviewed "WALL-E," but what about that "Minority Report" I promised. It'll be on in a few days; I just gotta, you know, write it.

As far as other films go, I saw the zippy, charming, surprisingly good "Four Christmases" in theaters over the weekend, as well as the powerful, undeniable "Mystic River" and the disappointing "Hollywoodland."

I'll review all four of these eventually. My December will be busy.


Actionman said...

Loved Mystic River.

Thought Hollywoodland was OK. Affleck was great; the stuff with Brody was boring.

Four Christmases, eh? I thought the trailers looked horrendous...maybe I will check it out on DVD...

Joel said...

"Mystic River" is powerful stuff.

I personally thought that Affleck was bombastic and over-the-top (same with Diane Lane), but the stuff he was in was good enough for a movie. Adrien Brody, however, was magnificent in a plot that didn't deserve him. It was like a bad "Law & Order" episode. Weird balance for me. I liked the movie in chunks, but it never quite grabbed me. Probably ** out of ****