Sunday, July 27, 2008

Review: Meet Dave (**1/2)

Starring Eddie Murphy, Gabrielle Union, and Elizabeth Banks

It should be stated up front that Meet Dave is nowhere near as bad as its own trailers. It isn't good in any respect, but at times it's quite sweet, despite the horrid, agonizingly painful first act that attempts to set up the characters. Dave is a spaceship that has the size and shape of a human, carrying an identical captain and his crew. They have come to Earth to make sure that a water-sucking ball of alien technology does its job. That's pretty much the limits of the storyline which inspires a lot of slapstick comedy that is neither funny nor inspired. The plot is actually more cohesive than "Hancock" and handled in a less uneven way. Eddie Murphy gives an easygoing performance as both ship and captain. I say, if you have any kind of taste in movies, Meet Dave is not for you. But if you can survive that first thirty minutes, it won't be an awful experience, just a mild one.

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