Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Change is Gonna Come

Tweaking the blog layout a WHOLE lot, hopefully adding a banner, and some other stuff.

Also got my first volume (of ten of them) for the Best Films of the Decade. The first section will be on March 27, covering my Top Three films of 2000. After that, more for the rest of the decades 2001-2009 will be covered on the last Friday of each month. On Jan. 1, it should be complete, the day after my Top Ten of 2009.

On April 24 I shall have a Summer Introspective for films I plan to see (for May through August); on August 28 a Fall Introspective (for September and October); and on October 30 a Winter Introspective. Likewise, on July 3, I will have my Best of the 2009--Halfway There special.

Keep watch! Lotsa good stuff a-comin'.

1 comment:

Actionman said...

Nice new lay-out! Very colorful.

I will be doing some posts coming up in the near future where I list my top films from throughout the decade, leading up to a special "best of the decade" piece that I will do at the end of the year.

Keep up the great work!