Wednesday, March 4, 2009


"Watchmen."  The masterful, epic graphic novel, brought to (hopefully) brilliant life by Zack Snyder.  Seeing it Friday at 7:30 with a friend.  Anticipation overtakes me.

Apparently the extended edition (a la Lord of the Rings) will be a whopping, staggering 220 minutes.  What...the...heck.

This is simply my most anticipated of the year.  Just unbeatable.

Oh and also:  I'm not seeing it for adaptation purposes.  With Harry Potter being eviscerated for "murdering" the books (I don't think they do, at all), I've learned to stop looking at films as adaptations, even if they are.  Liberties simply HAVE to be taken.  For me, "Watchmen" will be viewed as a landmark in the superhero genre.

A actual, full-length review (remember those?) will be published sometime over the weekend.

And then...nothing, really, until summer.


J. Pierce Warne said...

I'd give it a 9/10. I have love for this movie.

Joel said...

I give a 10/10, by far. Not quite Dark Knight level but close. Should be having a review up soon.

Matthew said...

Hmm. Another strange person posting on here.

Joel said...

What, did you not expect me to tell people about my blog, Matt? :P So many people up here and down there read it it's almost too many to count. So...spreading the wealth.

And this guy is a friend of mine, Jason. He's pretty awesome.