Friday, August 29, 2008

Did You "Know"?



ANYWAY. I recently heard about this movie, and noticed that neither Joel nor Teri seem to know about it (Or at least haven't mentioned it). Thereby, I figured I may as well give ya'll the misconception that I'm actually worth something. So here it is. I, personally, think it should be about 3 stars, or maybe POSSIBLY 3 1/2. That is, if Saint Nick doesn't pull another Ghost Rider.


Joel said...

Yes, I agree. I've known about it for two weeks. I think that the March release is deceptive; it looks magnificent, ingenious, etc. The short story writer also did "Minority Report" and "Paycheck", both films I love (the latter is horrifically underrated). This looks no different. Phillip K. Dick is a genuius and more, so "Knowing" looks amazing.

Teri928 said...

DUDE!! That movie looks amazing! 3 1/2 stars for me...If good ol' Nick Cage doesn't pull another Ghost Rider like you said, this should be fantastic. The plot concept sounds really intriguing sort of like mixing "The Day After Tomorrow" with like "National Treasure" or "NUMB3RS" (The TV show)...still, the movie itself looks like it could pull it off with flying colors! CANT WAIT