Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Great shot of the "Labyrinth of Despair," which is a great name. Can't wait. "The Fall." Actionman praised it back in June. His choice for best film of the year. It was on Ebert's list. Better than "The Dark Knight?" I'll be watching it with lunch.
I really loved Tarsem's previous film, 2000's masterpiece "The Cell." It was creepy, scary, beautiful, haunting, and had an involving plot to go with the truly unforgettable imgery. What nearly no one knows is "The Cell" is my pick for 2000's best film. It'll be on my "Decade in Review" article next December. This looks completely different, but just as entrancing. Actionman compared it to "Pan's Labyrinth." Wow. If it's that good, I'm freaking excited.

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