Monday, December 8, 2008

Roger Ebert's Best Films of the Year

He has twenty of them this time.

"Ballast" (I want to rent this. It came highly touted from TIFF, and the trailers seem to lead me to believe it's brilliant.)

"The Band's Visit" (Same with this one. Looks terrific. Might be a rental for me.)

"Che" (This one will be a seer when I have four and a half hours on my hands. Once I do, it's zip-to-the-theater-or-rental-place time.)

"Chop Shop" (Yet again. Need to rent this and Bahrani's previous film, "Man Push Cart." Ebert adores both of them.)

"The Dark Knight" (A masterpiece, all four times I saw it. Buying it in less than two days. Will probably be watching it a couple more times before the week is over.)

"Doubt" (Gotten some rave reviews, and I will probably catch it over Christmas break sometime.)

"The Fall" (Looks like Ebert and Actionman are ganging up on me to see this. Will be renting it on the 16th, I hope. Looks phenomenally weird.)

"Frost/Nixon" (Will be catching this on the 15th. Can't wait.)

"Frozen River" (Probably won't rent it for a while, but at some point, yes.)

"Happy-Go-Lucky" (Will try and catch this over Christmas break. But not sure about timing matters. I'll see it eventually.)

"Iron Man" (May make my Top-Ten of 2008, but that remains to be seen. Surely my runners-up if not.)

"Milk" (Seeing this the first chance I get. Looks like a masterpiece.)

"Rachel Getting Married" (Will rent once on DVD. Looks startlingly good.)

"The Reader" (Won't be seeing it, but I've heard great things.)

"Revolutionary Road" (Opens the day after New Year's for me. Will be there opening night. Cannot freakin' wait. Looks staggeringly good.)

"Shotgun Stories" (When I sign up for Netflix next year, I will get this immediately. Somehow I missed his review. Reading it now, I need to rent this. Need. To.)

"Slumdog Millionaire" (Hoping to see this on the 14th or 18th. I have a weird schedule.)

"Synecdoche, New York" (Seeing this on the 17th, due to the maddening fact that "The Wrestler" comes out in Dallas on Jan. 16--when I'll be in college again. I was all pumped for an apparent masterpiece. So, I'll see another apparent masterpiece instead. Actionman, I hope you're right.)

"W." (Boggles the mind. Not that it was awful, but I didn't care for it. A really well-acted SNL skit.)

"WALL-E" (An animated classic for all ages. And a great movie, too.)

His Special Jury Prize winner:

"My Winnipeg" (Won't be seeing this anytime soon, but sometime in my life.)

His favorite documentaries:

"Encounters at the End of the World" (Looks hauntingly brilliant. According to Actionman, it is. I'll rent it.)

"I.O.U.S.A." (This is one I'm intrigued in. Possibly a renter next summer.)

"Man on Wire" (DEFINITELY!!! I wanna see this. Badly. Everyone has said it actually surpassed "Standard Operating Procedure" as the Best Documentary frontrunner this year. Speaking of...)

"Standard Operating Procedure" (I wanna see this, too, but I don't know when.)

"Trouble the Water" (Heard great things about this. Maybe next summer.)

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Actionman said...

Thanks for all of the shout-outs, Joel.

Ebert's list is, as usual, pretty awesome.