Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Schedule for next week

It's gonna be a busy weekend for me, writing up my Year in Review articles and other miscellanea, as well as seeing "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" tomorrow evening, "Bedtime Stories" on Saturday, "Valkyrie" on Friday, and "The Spirit" on Monday (yes, I'm seeing if it's as bad as reported). I may be reviewing them. Maybe not. We'll see.

That'll be it for 2008 on my end. I know, I know--I haven't seen the higher profile films like "Slumdog Millionaire" or "Synecdoche, New York" or "Frost/Nixon." But I have a darn good lineup for my top ten right now. And if "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" lives up to the potential, the climate could shift further.

Anyway, as of next Monday, I will have seen 61 movies this year. Considering the year I've had subtracting movies from it, that's impressive. I saw 58 in total from last year, so this is upping that number.

So, without further procrastination, here's my very busy lineup for the Year in Review week:

Monday--Introduction and Thoughts in conclusion to the year 2008 as it pertains to movies (no, that's not the title)

Tuesday--The Five Worst Films of 2008, along with the Most Overrated, Underrated, Overlooked, and Overhyped Films

Wednesday--The Ten Best Films of 2008, along with the Ten Runners-Up

Thursday--The JSC Awards, where I nominate everything that the Oscar voters categorize, plus Best Ensemble in a Motion Picture (thank you, Kris Tapley of InContention), and no, this is nothing like the Teen Choice Awards

Friday--The Year in Superlatives, which announces my winners in said categories

Saturday--The Ten Most Anticipated of 2009 (I know, it'll be the 3rd already, but I won't have seen anything, so...)

And on Jan. 10 and Feb. 22, I will be giving my final predictions for the Globes and Oscars, respectively. Live updates will take place on my Twitter page for both.

I may also provide reviews of each season of 24, in preparation for Jan. 11's season 7 premiere. The Wednesday after that (the 14th) will have a review of the 2-night, 4-hour premiere. Coverage of each episode will ensue.

Can't wait to do all of this! Keep watch!

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